shift kit

  1. Sitherus

    GT5 No torque Low Speed

    My engine is a GT5 Stinger with a Jakes head and a ported cylinder body. I'm running a yz700 exhaust and a boost bottle. I also have an rt carburetor and an SBP shift kit, with an HD freewheel. My Bike frame is a Felt Vintage Iron Bolt, with a sealed gas tank. Im using the recommended NGK...
  2. greenjon

    Fito Modena GT-2 / 49cc 4G T Belt / SBP shift kit

    Fito Modena GT-2 7-speed bike (Ebay) 49cc 4-stroke HS142F with 80-tooth 4G gear ( Shift Kit (Sick Bike Parts) Heavy Duty Clutch (Staton-inc) 2.4 gallon fuel tank (Ebay) Double kickstand (Amazon) Suspension seatpost (donor bike) Less clownish handlebars (donor bike) Digital...
  3. C

    415 chain on a 5 speed cassette?

    Hi everyone, So I'd like to put 415 chain or some heavy-duty equivalent on my entire bike, its just not safe with 410. Im running a 3 horsepower 79cc 4 stroke engine with a shift kit too a 5 speed cassette. The problem I'm running into is I know nothing about cassette and sprocket sizes and I...
  4. F

    Bicycle Trailer Train - Australian Heavy Haul

    This trailer train heavy haul was performed in a video graphics "simulated neighbourhood environment" in 2001; replicating the full detail of a neighbourhood environment with surprising accuracy. The motor assist engine was cleverly photoshopped onto the bike, and a sound track was added to make...
  5. F

    Australian Heavy Haul - May 2016

    Needed to transport a load of mulch home, and i called on the old girl again to move cubic quantity. As always, the SickBikeParts Ultra Heavy Duty Shift Kit proved perfectly reliable with the ultra heavy duty twin row freewheel bearing system. You can see that i have an absolute requirement for...