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shifter kit

  1. JimmyNibbles77

    Affordable Jackshaft

    Hello everyone! I'm quite new to motorized bikes and with my first engine in the mail and differing terrain in my area, I wanted to explore the possibility of shifting gears. Thus, I stumbled across jackshafts and all my dreams came true... Until I saw the price... A jackshaft kit would cost...
  2. xspade17x

    2 Stroke Mountain bike with shift kit build.

    This is now my 4th bike build and I wanted to show everyone as I go to get feedback. I was unhappy with my results on my last 3 builds. Also, I've found this forum to be a really helpful, friendly and informative community, anyway here it goes. So in excitement, I impulsively purchased the HD 2...
  3. Sitherus

    Jackshaft Not maintaining enough to get up hills

    So it goes, I lose 10% power from the jackshaft because of gearing. Im having trouble maintaining my speed. I live in roanoke va, an you'd have a hard time finding a flat spot to ride. plus im using my bike for work. When im going fast down a hill and come to an uphill, I lose all power and...
  4. F

    Bicycle Trailer Train - Australian Heavy Haul

    This trailer train heavy haul was performed in a video graphics "simulated neighbourhood environment" in 2001; replicating the full detail of a neighbourhood environment with surprising accuracy. The motor assist engine was cleverly photoshopped onto the bike, and a sound track was added to make...
  5. F

    Australian Heavy Haul - May 2016

    Needed to transport a load of mulch home, and i called on the old girl again to move cubic quantity. As always, the SickBikeParts Ultra Heavy Duty Shift Kit proved perfectly reliable with the ultra heavy duty twin row freewheel bearing system. You can see that i have an absolute requirement for...