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    Hi guys, so i started the MB adventure years ago, went away for a bit and came back last summer. bought a SBP shift kit for my old Skyhawk kit from 2011. it worked great, but the engine just had problems and wouldn't really give me all i needed. i took it apart after things being broken and...
  2. 66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    66cc Skyhawk GTA5

    1. Shipping was pretty fast I ordered the engine on May 24 for 169 dollars with free shipping. I got it on Wednesday May 31. It's estimated arrival was June 1 so it got here early. None of the parts were missing, it does smell like it's been used. It did not come with an instructions manual.
  3. Baconator101

    The 2-stroke assembly.

    I apologize in advance as this is not a general question. But I thought you folks might a enjoy a glimpse of the making of that thing between your legs. I may be speaking outta my arse here, but I believe these engines were superior to the quality available now.
  4. Sitherus

    In frame tank Felt (gasbike) vs skyhawk frame

    Hi everyone I would love some help deciding on a frame. this is what I'm having trouble deciding. There are two frame designs (that aren't chopper).One is upright, round, and and has a more narrow wheel base. The other is more low (in my opinion more aggressive), square, and has a more stretched...
  5. K

    Carburetor Positioning?

    I have a 66ccSquareHead Grubee Skyhawk engine that I am currently installing on a bike, and have come across my first hiccup. The carburetor air intakes hits the seat post, however it could fit if I turned it an angle (about 15-20 degrees). Would the carburetor still function properly if I did so?
  6. Hello Moto!

    Skyhawk Build Journal

    So I thought I'd start a thread and do a kind of journal as I acquire parts and build this thing from the frame up. Right now, as you can see, I basically have just the frame. The headset cups are pressed and I installed a sealed bottom bracket with the help of an adapter. This will probably be...