smoke on start up .

  1. Sitherus

    Engine Trouble engine sounds like its gonna start but doesnt

    Last year I built this engine. I replaced the magneto and installed it backwards. When i corrected it it has yet to start. Here's what its doing. - It has spark, It has compression, it has gas and I mixed 1 standard small bottle of 2 cycle oil with 1 gallon of gas. the carburetor is getting air...
  2. Jim Richardson

    Why Honda GC35 smokes on start up?

    GC 35 ) its 6 momnyhs old . Ride a Few hundred miles on it MAX. miles on it. Pure white smoke on start up. Doesn't smell real strong . Run synth oil since day one. May be having slight loss of power or maybe my imagination being paranoid about smoke. Lol text no 618, 309, 1490 HELP!? Advice...