spark plug

  1. lukecanna

    Tuning for Expansion chamber

    Just recently installed my cdh66 expansion chamber exhaust and was wondering what tuning should be done for best performance I have stock everything just a short intake. I was thinking i may need to move the c-clip down a notch on the needle to have a richer fuel flow This is my spark plug
  2. Vikingimike01

    Best performance spark plug?

    Hello forum! I'm looking for a spark plug upgrade. I need the best one for torque. I currently have an Z8C (Not sure, "LD" I think) I heard people saying BP6HS, or B6HS, or even BPR6HIX. Wich would be the best for a torque upgrade, maybe a bit top speed too (But mainly torque) I mainly drive...
  3. C

    Gas isn’t getting to plug

    I bought an 80cc kit three days ago. I haven’t been able to get it started. Turns out gas isn’t getting to the plug. I don’t know a lot about two strokes. How can I fix this?
  4. Fletcher Hildreth

    Spark plug

    So I think my spark plug malfunctioned and I got a couple different ones from auto parts store. Neither seem to work. The engine might sort of run and backfires the entire time. I just took the chain off and peddled home. Help
  5. motormike777

    Monster 80 79cc Spark Plug?

    I need to know what spark plug would be a good replacement. Kings motor bikes has the absolute worst customer service, (and i'm a repeat customer) even going out of their way to be jerks about my tracking info then ignoring my emails, then being jerks again by sending links to two stroke videos...
  6. FurryOnTheInside

    MZ heads, which plug (reach)?

    I was about to buy a BR7EIX when I stopped myself and went to check that the BR8EIX plug was clearing the piston at TDC, just in case. (I have just fixed another problem with the ignition but haven't been able to test again. I wasn't really expecting to have two problems that prevent starting!)...
  7. G

    No spark

    Hi Everyone, I'm on my first Motorized Bike. I've had it up and running for around 2 months. Yesterday, I had to go to my carb to fix my throttle needle cause it wasn't functioning properly, (it was stuck). When I went back to it, with everything fixed it woudlnt start up. I checked and there...
  8. stephen7689

    no spark

    Spark plug won't fire unless I'm touching it how do I fix it so it fires in the engine
  9. C

    Engine Trouble Losing rpm once engine gets hot

    Ive finally built a screamer (almost). When I first top out my 66cc motor from the start, I'm hitting about 8500 rpm(36mph). I have a high compression head, I've raised the exhaust and redirected the transfer ports and installed an expansion chamber. I'm running a B7HS plug. Here's the problem...