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  1. Vendedda

    A few questions from a new Builder...

    So I purchased an older used 2 stroke bike from a guy. First time ever riding one of these things, and sooo much fun 👍😁 Worked pretty good for a while, but now its having some issues. So I decided to try to build one on my own for the first time brand new. Ordered an 80cc PK80 off Amazon. A...
  2. S

    Magneto Axle Play

    Hi all, I've been having some issues with the bike ever since moving to a different frame. The engine will rev up just fine all the way to 25mph, lots of acceleration, perfect fuel mix etc But as soon as I try to go faster, the engine makes a really high pitched, pinging noise and bogs down as...
  3. B

    Quick spark plug question

    I have an 80cc that when i go on a lengthy ride it vibrates the spark plug loose can anyone tell me why it's doing that and maybe what ti do t to make it quit thanks
  4. C

    What’s causing my throttle problem?

    I’m able to get my bike started, it idles, then dies because the throttle isn’t doing anything. I’ve checked the cable and the carb opens. I noticed my spark plug wasn’t working shortly after. Is there any chance that the dying spark plug was interfering with the throttle? I just ordered an NGK...
  5. lukecanna

    Engine Trouble Loss of Power, Popping in carb

    Hi Forums, I am in the 2nd tank of run in and when i was riding the bike i noticed fuel around the carb so i stopped to check it out and then when i went to start the bike again it did not have any power when i tried accelerating. Sometimes it would jump and have some power but it would make a...
  6. S

    No spark, no start.

    Got myself a 80cx(66) engine for a few months new slurry of problems all fixed (except exhaust). Now I went to start it the other day and when I pop the clutch the engine got ripped out of the front frame mounts and pulled off to the side. Now I have it all put back together since then with new...
  7. Ollie White

    Engine not starting, despite fuel and spark

    My 80cc engine from China (eBay) has not started since it was assembled a week or two ago. Fuel is getting to the engine, as the spark plug was wet when checked after cranking - for some reason it refuses to burst to life upon releasing the clutch. The engine will turn over after releasing the...
  8. Arty

    Screaming Roo Magneto Problem

    I recently installed a new Screaming Roo magneto coil for my China Girl, and cannot get the bike to run with it at all. The coil measures 338 ohms, and was well grounded, and the air gap seemed adequate. Upon replacing it with the original stock coil, the bike runs again. Anyone have any tips...
  9. Isaac Rosenzweig

    Engine sparks a couple times and then bogs out

    What's up guys. Thought it was going to be a nice Saturday for me to work on the bike and try to fix the idle issue that I've been having. Turns out today is the first day in months that we've had pouring rain here in Santa Barbara. Now I'm frustrated because this morning I took off the...
  10. WildWillis

    Do I need NGK spark plug boot

    Just bought a new NGK BPR6HIX and I'm wondering if I need a NGK spark plug boot. Thanks