1. Ollie

    Short screeching sound while idling that causes engine to stall (Hua Sheng 49cc)

    Hey guys and gals, I finally decided to get a 4-stroke after going through a few 2 stroke engines over many years. It's fantastic and I wish I had bought one sooner, but there is one problem: When the engine is idling, sometimes there is a short screeching sound which more often than not stalls...
  2. Matt Barrack

    Engine Trouble Bike won't run...

    So I started up the bike. Gave it speed, let go of the clutch, hit the throttle. Then the throttle became very limp. Then it wouldn't run when I started it and then it died. And on top of that now the throttle is limp and won't do anything. Anybody know what to do?