starts then stalls

  1. Coleman Powersports

    Coleman CT200U Stalls, Please Help!

    My 2015 Coleman Ct200U stock starts fully on choke, idles on choke, but when I turn choke fully off, I go really fast (Which Is Good) but when I stop, and idle, the moment I give the bike some gas, It stalls. right now I run it at choke halfway off, which causes the engine not to stall but to...
  2. Sitherus

    eBay carburetor air leak proof?

    I bought a carburetor on eBay because my delarto sha clone was making me lose power. This carburetor is supposed to be better. I bought it and it said 3 day shipping, it took 2 weeks to arrive and came in a smashed box with a cracked air filter housing. When I put it on the bike it turns on...
  3. C

    Engine Trouble fuel/air mixture problem

    So I just got a 2 stroke bike and when I try to start it, it fires a few times and then sputters out. I'm guessing its a problem with the fuel to air ratio but I've tried lots of different choke positions and nothing seems to work. I took apart the carburetor and nothing looked out of place...
  4. Arty

    Petcock problem

    After doing numerous modifications to my China Girl, including ignition, porting, piston, fuel delivery etc., I just could not get my bike to run properly. It was way too hard to start, and if you could get it to start, it would run for an unreliable period of time, begin to refuse to idle...