1. Vendedda

    First bike. Trying to get this thing going..

    So this is my first build. 2 stroke 80cc kit. I'm not very experienced with mechanics, but everything seems to be installed correctly. I'm trying to get this thing started, but having some trouble. Is the first startup usually difficult, or is something wrong? My spark plug works fine, and I...
  2. C

    Sparking Issue

    Alright so I had the bike running well recently until yesterday when the dang thing wouldn't start. I checked the plug, could see that it had gas getting to it so ruled out no gas, and its a new plug so that should be fine. To check the spark, while the plug was out I disengaged the clutch and...
  3. Matt Barrack

    Engine Trouble Bike won't run...

    So I started up the bike. Gave it speed, let go of the clutch, hit the throttle. Then the throttle became very limp. Then it wouldn't run when I started it and then it died. And on top of that now the throttle is limp and won't do anything. Anybody know what to do?