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  1. Will'smotobikes19

    Good quality 6mm rear mount studs?

    Hey guys have another question where could I find some good quality stainless 75mm long 6mm studs for the rear mount. Ordered the rest that I needed from bel-metric and sick bike parts. Bel metric doesn't have 75mm long studs they have 62mm then it jumps to 100. I suppose the 100 would work and...
  2. crank_addict_760

    where do i find USA made studs/locknuts and bolts?

    in need of advice. i need to know: where is the best place to find upgraded replacement mounting studs for my 2stroke. and other recomended replacements... i also would like to know the size to get... i recently had my engine mount stud break off and want to replace all hardware on my engine...
  3. Waxxumus

    Torque of intake/exhaust studs.

    Does anyone here know what the proper torque of the intake and exhaust studs are? Im in the process of replacing them. Id rather use a torque wrench to tighten them down just to be on the safe side.