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  1. Phabbits

    eBay Motorcycle Tachometer wiring

    Hello again! I finally got my GT90 conversion kit working, timing was off, and wanted to add a tachometer for fun. I got everything wired up expect the tachometer speed wire. The tachometer that I got was from eBay...
  2. ezrider

    Best Tach for 4 stroke ??

    Thinking of getting one.
  3. Arty


    A while back, I decided to add a tach to my bike, so I ordered a "Whizzer" tach online, and modified it to work on my bike. The wiring is fairly basic -3 wires for the movement - hot, ground, and signal, and two for the tach light - hot and ground. You need a 12v battery supply for it to work...
  4. I

    Looking for information about 'redline' and tachometer advice

    Hello all, The motor on my bicycle is an 80cc two stroke of the Umoto/Insight brand. So far, it's been a pretty sturdy little engine. I had two questions for ya'll today I haven't had much success in getting answered on my own. 1. Is a tachometer for an engine like this actually feasable...