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  1. R

    Vacuum in gas tank.

    After checking and double checking float bowl adjustment my bowl seemed to run out quickly and the motor would die. I looked at the fuel supply line and repaced the filter with a faster flowing filter. From the tiny metal bead type to a larger paper filter. Same probem, bowl ran dry. Is there...
  2. Sgt. Howard

    1912 style straddle tanks

    This project started a LOOOONG time ago... but just got some effort today!
  3. Baconator101

    Cheapest Aluminum Gas Tanks

    Has any one found any decently priced Auxiliary Metal gas tanks for their MBs? ive found a few but the price is just too high in respect to what the tanks gas capacity is. Im not willing to pay $99 for a half-gallon cap. tank. This tank has had me on the verge of clicking the "add to cart"...
  4. J

    Fuel economy and float questions

    Hey all, been having a strange issue and I think it has to do with either my ignition, fuel lines, or float height or even all 3. I havent been able to tell yet by pulling off the bowl but I think my engine is consuming more fuel than my lines have been able to pull from the tank and it suddenly...
  5. J

    A word of advice on Moped Gas tanks...

    The stock fuel petcock and gascap fit PERFECTLY with the old top load gas tanks from the 70-80's style mopeds. I just fitted a 1976 malaguti 1.25 gallon tank to my Modena GT 2 and used the old 80cc stock tank's petcock and cap and it worked absolutely perfect and sealed up without a leak to be...
  6. Custom Coffin Gastank

    Custom Coffin Gastank

    Custom Coffin Style Gas Tank, Each gas tank is custom made. Custom tanks can also be made to customers request, message me if interested or share please.
  7. Sitherus

    In frame tank Felt (gasbike) vs skyhawk frame

    Hi everyone I would love some help deciding on a frame. this is what I'm having trouble deciding. There are two frame designs (that aren't chopper).One is upright, round, and and has a more narrow wheel base. The other is more low (in my opinion more aggressive), square, and has a more stretched...