1. Ethelegend

    My 80cc motorized bike is starting but not accelerating and it shuts off when I hold

    My bike doesn’t accelerate when I use the throttle it starts perfectly fine but doesn’t accelerate at all and it completely shuts off when I hold the clutch to slow down I don’t kno what’s wrong
  2. L

    First build: no idle, no power, no throttle

    Hi everyone, I am BEYOND frustrated with my motorized bike. I finished assembling my bike yesterday and it starts - but just barely. I peddle up to about 5-10 mph and release the clutch to engage the motor. The motor engages but there is absolutely no power whatsoever. There is also no idle -...
  3. S

    Throttle Issue - High speed from start and throttle does nothing.

    I have currently just done my first bike about 2 days ago but I am having an issue with the throttle grip and the bike is instantly wanting to always hit max speed while the throttle does absolutely nothing. (I pretty much have to hit the clutch -> killswitch -> Brakes in order to stop because...
  4. herbilious

    Bike accelerating without using throttle

    Hi, I've got a relatively new (3rd tank of break-in) 66c motor that has a weird issue. I just installed a new expansion chamber banana exhaust because I broke the stock one, and something I've noticed is that once I start the motor and let out the clutch, the bike accelerates relatively fast...
  5. G

    Clutch and Throttle (problems?)

    I just built my brand new 49cc 2 stroke bicycle last week, and tried to ride it about half a mile. I'm really pretty sure it should be operating differently than this? what happens is the clutch DOes disengage and the bike rolls freely, until I let go of the clutch, and the engine starts just...
  6. G

    clutch revs instead of letting me coast??

    Hello, can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here...? I've heard from my experienced friend that: while my engine is running, I can squeeze the clutch lever to just coast and hit the brakes at the same time if i want. Yet, when i squeeze my clutch, it just revvs way up, way too much...
  7. C

    What’s causing my throttle problem?

    I’m able to get my bike started, it idles, then dies because the throttle isn’t doing anything. I’ve checked the cable and the carb opens. I noticed my spark plug wasn’t working shortly after. Is there any chance that the dying spark plug was interfering with the throttle? I just ordered an NGK...
  8. J

    Throttle and Chain attachment

    Ok, so I bought this engine kit on February 2017, due to my sh*t skills. It's still having troubles, though the engine and everything is attached. I consistently have troubles with throttle cord length, the throttle sliding and keeping both chains equally attached to where they don't pop the...
  9. E

    starting problems

    Hi all Ive recently rebuilt my gas bike. I believe it is a skyhawk GT5 motor that I put on a GX7 frame and wheels. I had to add some spacers onto the throttle cable to stop the outer sheath from moving. Its not perfect but it did mostly solve that part of the issue. The current problem is...
  10. Matt Barrack

    New Throttle Idea.

    My throttle sucks. I cant seem to get it right. Sometimes it's firm and sometimes it's not. Today my friend was taking it for a spin and it went limp and couldn't stop! I'm wondering if this would work; Instead of keeping the twist throttle, what if I put the throttle cable on a brake lever and...
  11. Matt Barrack

    Engine Trouble Bike won't run...

    So I started up the bike. Gave it speed, let go of the clutch, hit the throttle. Then the throttle became very limp. Then it wouldn't run when I started it and then it died. And on top of that now the throttle is limp and won't do anything. Anybody know what to do?
  12. The-DMV

    Matching grips for twist throttle on right and twist shifter on left?

    I'm building my bike with a NuVinci n171 hub, so I'm going to put the twist shifter on the left. Does anyone know of matching grips I could get that have a 7/8" short grip for the left, and a 1" standard grip for the throttle?
  13. chasen

    need help with funny throttle.

    Could someone please help me with my dilemma? My throttle on my 2 stroke is acting up. It has no effect till turned halfway then at halfway it seems to jump to full throttle. Also when i try to idle the engine just roars because of my "full throttle problem". I am fairly new to my motorized...
  14. Mp2003

    Bike too slow

    About a week ago I bought a 2-stroke 80/66cc bike kit. I installed it and after startup problems at first I managed to get it running smoothly, the only problem is, it is way too slow. It struggles to stay at 20mph with the throttle wide open. I checked the carb and the throttle runs fine, so...