1. Will'smotobikes19

    Tips from what I've learned

    Hey guys just wanted to let anyone that needs some tips have some. * Don't use rag joint sprockets they always become untrue and are dangerous use the cnc adapters or hard mounted sprockets instead. * Don't skimp on China chain there is a company called Regina chain that makes #415 and it's...
  2. S

    2.3" tires?

    So i've got an old 08 trek 6500 sg (pic related) i'm in the process of slapping an 80cc china girl on. ran into all kinda of issues, shocker i know. Had to fabricate a mounting bracket got the front mount and use a muffler clamp to secure it because the bottom tube is massive, broke 7...
  3. Calvin

    What's In Your Repair Kit?

    Hey Everyone, I just finished my first build and it's so much fun. However, I have already had to do some minor repairs and maintenance. So what do you guys bring on the road with you when you go on a long ride? I want to be able to do as many on-the-road repairs as possible. What are the key...
  4. Calvin

    Question About Oil.

    Hey everyone! I am about to start my first build, and wanna treat my engine right. So, what oil do you guys use in your 2-strokes? I have heard good things about AMSoil. Do they make good oil? Also, would this be a wise option...
  5. Calvin

    About to start my first build. What should I know ahead of time?

    Hey everyone! I am a male highschool student and was just faced with the horrible reality of car insurance prices. After seeing the prices, I decided I needed another way to get around town. After looking around at different motorized bike kits, I bought this one...