1. F


    How to keep tube from rotation inside tire ! any Senior?help
  2. W

    Lock up

    My back tire is locking up when i release the clutch. Any ideas? I checked the piston and it moves just fine.
  3. N

    Where can I find tires 20x2.6 or larger?

    Ive got a custom 20 inch fat build going but i need tires for a friction drive, specifically 20x2.8. I think 2.6-3.0 would work but 3.0 is really pushing it on my frame. I found [these 20x3.0](https://www.biketiresdirect.com/product/kenda-k1008a-flame-20-inch-tire-406) But the seller says do not...
  4. Losíf

    Centrifugal clutch problem, Help!

    So I just put together this 49cc 4stroke 7g t-belt engine onto my bike. It runs and all but a major issue is present guessing it's the centrificul clutch staying engaged. I can pedal the bike to start the engine like a 2stroke bike while not holding the manual clutch in. If I start the engine...
  5. JakeBayCity

    Clutch tightend all the way back tire still wont move!

    The clutch arm is tightend all the way and the back tire Is still locked any ideas? Tips the back tire won't move at all! The other day I had a similar problem where the back tire wouldn't move at all so I decided to tighten the clutch arm and It worked now I was riding and peddiling while...
  6. JakeBayCity

    Bike back Tire won't move!

    I'am very new to motorized biking yesterday I was riding and got home to find out when I stopped from riding that the bike would not move again (back tire) Usally I hit the clutch and It moves but now It won't react to the clutch although the clutch arm Id moving I keep hearing about this ball...
  7. R

    29 inch wheels / tires

    Hello, recently I've had a bit of an incident with my motor bike (which I'd rather not go into detail with). My main problem now is that I need to replace one of the tires for my bike, but being that it is such an uncommon tire I am having a hard time finding a replacement. It is a 29 x 1.125...