1. S

    2.3" tires?

    So i've got an old 08 trek 6500 sg (pic related) i'm in the process of slapping an 80cc china girl on. ran into all kinda of issues, shocker i know. Had to fabricate a mounting bracket got the front mount and use a muffler clamp to secure it because the bottom tube is massive, broke 7...
  2. Beemer

    Need a New Tire

    Hey guys (and gals), I need a new tire already after just 400 miles of riding. The bike came stock with 26 x 2.35 tires. Would it be okay to put 26 x 2.12 tire on in place of it? Schwinn looks to make a decent kevlar backed tire with wire bead for $17 on Amazon and I'm considering that...
  3. A


    I have been riding my motorized bike for a couple years now, and I am wondering: Is there a Better Tire that I can buy that Does Not Wear Out so easily? I normally get about 4 - 6 (standard 1.5L) Tanks of gas with my bike before I HAVE to Replace the Rear Tire, Because it is BALD AS f***! I...
  4. corey123

    What's the best tire to use for a friction bike setup?

    Hey guy's just trying to figure out what rear tires people run for the friction drive setup..currently had a shimano slick tire works good but didn't last long....i know your suppost to use some sort of slick tire usually works the best..if any 1 has any info let me know thanks
  5. N

    Where can I find tires 20x2.6 or larger?

    Ive got a custom 20 inch fat build going but i need tires for a friction drive, specifically 20x2.8. I think 2.6-3.0 would work but 3.0 is really pushing it on my frame. I found [these 20x3.0]( But the seller says do not...
  6. N

    Next time i think i need to buy Fix-a-Flat, I'm just gonna punch myself in the face instead

    Since getting my motored bike about 6 months ago, I've spent at least $45 to try it a handful of times when i was desperate & I've NEVER had it work (least not any better than regular damn air). Fix a flat just doesn't work well for bicycle (tube) tires, am i right?
  7. R

    29 inch wheels / tires

    Hello, recently I've had a bit of an incident with my motor bike (which I'd rather not go into detail with). My main problem now is that I need to replace one of the tires for my bike, but being that it is such an uncommon tire I am having a hard time finding a replacement. It is a 29 x 1.125...
  8. BWB

    Maxxis Hookworms

    I read that the prefered tire for racing are the Maxxis Hookworms. So I bought a pair. Now I'm racking my head trying to figure out how to run these 3" wide beasts without chain rub. Or do the racers just let em rub because a race is short enough to not to wear through the tire?