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  1. Danaman117

    49cc 4 stroke redlining at 15mph..

    I have a new 49cc 4 stroke 5g with dual chain automatic transmission. The gear on the mag rims is a little smaller than the standard bike kit sproket but with my 2 stroke i was going 30 easy with the same gear.. its like I have one speed very powerfull on start actually wants to pop a wheelie. I...
  2. C

    please help!Huasheng transmission ratio problem

    hi!I think i have a huasheng motor and i had a lot of problems with the transmission.First the clutch burnt...and another...So i bought a gearbox (kinda hoot,but with 78 mm clutchbell and two chains an ratio 1:3),put soft springs on three paded clutch. Now i don t know how many teeth the...
  3. C

    is this huasheng transmission good?

    this is the one https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/CN6PK6JA the clutch bell inner diameter is 78 mm(the seller told me) has two stronger chains inside. my concern is if the ratio is ok.it still seems to be 1:3 like a hoot transmission.. :D it would be super to find the cheaper alternative to the...
  4. T

    Anyone tried one of these? (Auto derailleur)

    I recently found this online it's called Auto shift by landrider, it uses counterweights that are driven by a belt to automatically shift the rear derailleur, it sounds like a good idea for a HT with a shifter kit what do you guys think...
  5. C

    Transmission replacement impossible

    My shaft Broke .. not on the engine but to the pulley .. I'm finding it impossible to replace that shaft or the whole transmission ... grrrrrr??!!! Plz e-mail me if you know where I could buy one.. ? Windsorbratt40@gmail.com
  6. cmb271

    Nut size for 4g transmission rear sprocket

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of rebuilding the 4g transmission for my 4 stroke after the bolt that held the 10t rear sprocket fell off causing a domino effect of transmission failure. I got another sprocket but I don't know what size nut goes on the threaded shaft, anyone know?
  7. C

    Will this transmission work on my hs engine?

    I've been rebuilding my 4 stroke bicycle after I damaged my transmission in an accident causing the belt to snap and the 10t sprocket to fall off. I need to buy another transmission but I don't want to fork out 100 dollars, I heard the hs engines are just clones of the Honda 50 and I was...
  8. Arty

    8 Speed Rear Hub

    Has anyone any experience using an 8 speed internal rear hub? Are they strong enough? Do they shift nicely? Do you have to de-clutch to shift, or can you do it on the fly? I remember my old Sturmey Archer 3-speed when I was a kid, and it always needed adjustment.
  9. C

    3 speed internal wheel hub durability

    So iv built several bikes now and on this next one iv been thinking about running a jackshaft set up to an internal 3 speed wheel. Im just wondering how durable they are and how well they can stand up to the power abuse? If there is anyone here that has some experience with theses hubs please...