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  1. xspade17x

    Trike wont accelerate

    So I got the bike running but now my throttle wont accelerate the bike. I think I have it setup wrong. This is my first one. Also how do I wire the kill switch that's built into the throttle when it doesn't reach?
  2. M

    Motorized 80cc trike with pedals for bicycle path rules

    So I want to build a tricycle with 80cc 2-stroke engine for about <200Eur and I want it to be considered as a bicycle so i can ride on paths legaly (bc as long as it has pedals ur ok). Now the easiest way of geting pedals would be to put them on the front wheel with freehub but that can get...
  3. B

    Experienced builder requesting advice constructing first 4 stroke trike

    Happy Tuesday fellow enthusiasts and riders! I come to you guys feeling overwhelmed today in desperate need of advice on my project. My current workspace consists of a 50cc, 4 stroke kit and a fully assembled Schwinn tricycle. My current issue is deciding on sprocket mounting location and...
  4. S

    Motorizing a Worksman Trike

    (Repost from a wrong forum section/after reading forum rules oops) 'Allo there! I recently picked up a 20"x2.10 single speed Workmans folding tricycle (An older version of this, presumably) for like, almost nothing. Front disc brake, but instead of the horizontal pinching caliper, it's a...
  5. K9Kruiser

    New here, newbie questions about electric vs. gas

    When I saw the name of this site, I though it would be focused on motors, not engines, but oh well. I don't know the laws, but I have to believe that is most jurisdictions there is a distinction? To simplify my question, if you take a bicycle or tricycle and put an electric motor on it, then...