1. RocketJ

    Let's build a morgan 3 wheeler?

    I'm sure you've seen it at some point on tv or the internet. A 3 wheeled, v twin powered trike with a hundred year old history. Usually, these beautiful machines would go for 30+ grand, but what if they were built out of bicycle parts instead? My idea is to use a 212cc predator, 2 front...
  2. E

    Help predator 212 on trike.

    Hi guys first time posting here. I've been an mb enthusiast for a minute now got into it to get away from cars and govt control lol. Anywho I've ridden a 66cc for a while now and with winter coming I decided to get serious on a more reliable daily driver that hopefully won't kill me if I hit...
  3. S

    Motorizing a Worksman Trike

    (Repost from a wrong forum section/after reading forum rules oops) 'Allo there! I recently picked up a 20"x2.10 single speed Workmans folding tricycle (An older version of this, presumably) for like, almost nothing. Front disc brake, but instead of the horizontal pinching caliper, it's a...
  4. K

    49cc/2 stroke on a hybred trike?

    I basically just wanted to make sure a 49cc/2 stroke would move a trike (Schwinn Meridian) from a standstill with no pedaling before I went that route. The long version follows. The bike already has a 1000w front hub motor that does fine, however, I cannot pedal due to handicap and don't want...
  5. K9Kruiser

    New here, newbie questions about electric vs. gas

    When I saw the name of this site, I though it would be focused on motors, not engines, but oh well. I don't know the laws, but I have to believe that is most jurisdictions there is a distinction? To simplify my question, if you take a bicycle or tricycle and put an electric motor on it, then...
  6. squirrel87

    squirrel from australia

    Hey im squirrel from down under. Howz it gaan! I have a 66cc chinese engine on a trike. It has a slant head and standard internals. Ive modified an expantion chamber from an old 50cc ktm mini bike, ive taken the carby from that bike also, its a 14.5 flat slide carb. Ive made my own veloity ram...