1. E

    Setting up a PHBG carb for the first time, any tips?

    So I picked up a new KTM50SX carb aka the PHBG along with a handful of jets. Finally got around to installing it today and of course it's off to a terrible start. It fired up on the second try, and seemed to rev much harder but it quickly started stumbling like it was over fueled then died. I...
  2. Jag

    Carby Zeda Dio Reed Tuning, Backfiring

    I have a 66cc BikeBerry bottom end and a Zeda DioReed top end, ported W/ high compression head and expansion chamber. (Just Rebuilt) Can only get it running for a few minutes before it dies, hardly any throttle response and won't really rev, and lots of oil spitting out the exhaust. Its also is...
  3. Will'smotobikes19

    Mikuni VM18 tuning questions

    I started my big bore engine the first time a few minutes ago 48mm big bore cylinder, windowed piston, Oz reed valve and banana pipe- (and before you tell me to ditch the banana pipe this one is different and doesn't have baffles it has far less restriction than a stock muffler I tested blowing...
  4. lukecanna

    Tuning for Expansion chamber

    Just recently installed my cdh66 expansion chamber exhaust and was wondering what tuning should be done for best performance I have stock everything just a short intake. I was thinking i may need to move the c-clip down a notch on the needle to have a richer fuel flow This is my spark plug
  5. C

    Porting Fist Time Struggles!