velosity ram

  1. squirrel87

    velosity ram

    Hey. I wanted to know if there is any noticable benifit from a velosity ram. Can they be any length or should they be a tuned length? I made one for my 66cc engine. I just made it look how i wanted it. Its a 25 degree slope and a 9/16 hole. It got a bit dented when it flew outta the lathe. I...
  2. squirrel87

    squirrel from australia

    Hey im squirrel from down under. Howz it gaan! I have a 66cc chinese engine on a trike. It has a slant head and standard internals. Ive modified an expantion chamber from an old 50cc ktm mini bike, ive taken the carby from that bike also, its a 14.5 flat slide carb. Ive made my own veloity ram...