1. Baconator101

    Bike vibrating furiously

    So I lent my HT huffy cranbrook to a friend of mine after I had just built it to help me break it in. I had maybe 15 mins ride time on it, and it was running excellent... Anywho he Brings it back with a flat rear tire. Yuckkkkkkkkkkkk man, as you could imagine the headache of just having gotten...
  2. J

    Drilled Piston/Wrist Pin Preachin'

    Going to post some pictures of the work I did eventually when I have time but I follow Jaguars site and put some holes in my piston (12 specifically) and bored out my wrist pin a little bit (calipers useful) (plus cleaned out flash/ lil bit of porting). I would have done more but feared for the...
  3. cmb271

    40T CNC milled Sprocket bolts keep vibrating out

    I finally finished my bike build and I'm in the break in period but I live on a rough and bumpy road and the 3 hex bolts that hold the sprocket to the adapter constantly come loose causing the chain to pop off. I've tried Loc-tite Blue and JB weld and they still refuse to stay, Do they make lock...