1. Degoragon

    Wheels Bought new 26" freewheel for bike. Sprocket Adapter will not fit. (too big)

    Well, My Kulana has been now one problem after another, including a recent incident that bent the rear wheel, sending it into the frame. I'm done with it for now. it's a bit small for me anyways. I'm taking the motor off, and placing it on another bike. Looking for a replacement, I went to...
  2. AMP Research fork, Zeda Case Reed, SOMA Kick Stand

    AMP Research fork, Zeda Case Reed, SOMA Kick Stand

    Vintage AMP Research F3 XC fork with disk brake flange, Zeda install, awesome double kick stand
  3. Baconator101

    Harbor Freight Headlight Halogen To Led Mod

    I like the look of those Vintage looking headlights you see on older Motorcycles. I came across this Offroad Halogen light At my local Harbor freight for $8 after using a coupon. It was then easily gutted and transformed into a Wireless, Self contained Headlight unit for my Next MB.
  4. B

    Subaru 4-stroke on folding bike?

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and am wondering if I could get some advice concerning a project I would like to work on: I have a scooter with a Subaru EH035 engine. Should I transplant the engine onto a folding bike to make a vintage-looking pocket bike? Does this project look difficult...