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  1. Matt Barrack

    Extending exaust pipe ideas?

    Aftermarket pipes don't fit on by bike due to my frame. I found a piece of pipe that sounds great when I put it up to the pipe that's already on my bike. But, it is just a pipe. I need to find a way to attach it on to the rest of the exaust. Do I hust weld it? Or is there another way? Thanks...
  2. N

    For starters, I have a "forward pedal" 7 speed beach cruiser...

    It has 26 inch rims with cantilever brakes. I purchased this bike with hopes that I can eventually put an engine on it. I'm a noob as my name states, so please help any way you guys can. I want to start off small and safety is essential. I was thinking of trying to modify it to disc brakes so...
  3. Kihidokid

    Changing a bike frame to fit an engine

    So i want to ad an engine but i think ill have to cut the top bar and weld another one and have it look like a mountain bike... Any help guys?? And yes i know those prices are outrageous, i already k ow where im getting the parts those are jist for reference but that is my bike