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    Ebay Whizzer Pacemaker II Reissue Motorbike

    Whizzer Pacemaker II Reissue Motorbike On Ebay
  2. M

    Ebay complete Whizzer Engine H24911

    complete Whizzer Engine H24911 On Ebay
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    Ebay Rebuilt Original Whizzer Model H Motor

    Rebuilt Original Whizzer Model H Motor On Ebay
  4. J

    Whizzer Value

    I'm looking to make some space around the house and have a Whizzer in the way, it is a Yellow 2008 WCNE model in pretty good shape other then a good layer of dust on it and having not cranked it up in about 3 maybe 4 years. I have it on Craigslist for $1,200 and am not sure if that is a good...
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    Ebay 2011 WHIZZER PACEMAKER 11

    2011 WHIZZER PACEMAKER 11 On Ebay
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    Ebay 1950s Schwinn Whizzer Motorbike B6

    1950s Schwinn Whizzer Motorbike B6 On Ebay
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  8. M

    Ebay 1999 Whizzer Motorbike

    1999 Whizzer Motorbike On Ebay
  9. Jo1941bae


    newbie here! I'm from Canada,Quebec I got a Monark bike frame with a sweet and "okay" clean 24" fork 2 carb Pedal Original gaz tank on the frame I kept the original throttle grip and some of the old piece. I kept it inside and start buying everything to rebuilt but money and time got me bad...
  10. J


    hello ! I have a lot of piece but some of them still missing and I lost the list with everything. I have one motor running and one for the piece I think or maybe another one? A lot of fixation,original part,throttle grip 24" fork I was supposed to rebuilt it with my grand dad but he passed...
  11. Candie

    For Sale Whizzer motor, carb + parts

    Please view items and contact me if interested in purchasing parts. My father was a classic motorbike collector and we have many parts that we are now parting with since his passing. To my knowledge all parts appear original and in good condition. Garage kept in shelving units and containers...
  12. jimichrome

    Model "F" , no spark

    Hello, I have a 1943 model "F" Whizzer that used to run reliably, now I can't get a spark to save me. I carefully checked wiring, points breaking with proper timing, condensor seems good, flywheel magnet seems strong. I bench checked coil using an ohmmeter. Resistance on the secondary coil...
  13. S

    Whizzer Pacemaker ii Electric start and/or kick start?

    hey guys, I have a Whizzer Pacemaker ii with the WC1 motor on it, and I was wondering how would I go about taking the ambassador's electric start and alternator system and retrofit it to my pacemaker? on a side note, I can't keep the battery charged, though that might have been the fact that the...