wide cranks

  1. Sitherus

    DIY Wide Crank

    I looked around for just one side of the wide cranksets to clear my pull start, and found 1 result at mbrebel. It was reviewed on this site, on another thread as being made "dirt cheap". The price was 28 dollars plus 8 for shipping and, that was too high for a piece of metal, so I made my own. I...
  2. Pablo

    NEW Bottom bracket/cranks/parts!!

    NEW Bottom bracket/cranks/parts - oh my!! If 206mm isn't making it, try 226mm: http://sickbikeparts.com/bottom-bracket-cartridge-226-mm/ Cranks to really widen the occasion and offset the set up: http://sickbikeparts.com/cranks-high-offset/ And help with matching the cartridge BB to the BB...