1. Phabbits

    eBay Motorcycle Tachometer wiring

    Hello again! I finally got my GT90 conversion kit working, timing was off, and wanted to add a tachometer for fun. I got everything wired up expect the tachometer speed wire. The tachometer that I got was from eBay...
  2. motormike777

    79cc Pred No start.

    Got the bike put together. No start. I'm afraid I could have messed up the timing when I removed the governor. ... Basically I was spinning the motor and the cam gear was lifted up enough to not spin the drive gear... I aligned the timing marks not really knowing how long that gear was...
  3. Matt Barrack

    Killswitch not working

    Just straight up not working. Yesterday it would only work maybe 50% of the time but now it doesn't work at all. Anyone know what to do?