won't start

  1. Clats97

    Ignition issue

    I have a Skyhawk GT5A w/ expansion chamber, mikuni "cns" type carbeurator, high performance CDI & the head was shaved and compression is at 130-137psi. For the last week or so it takes at least 3 attempts to start, then it finally starts chugging and eventually fires properly. The engine runs...
  2. S

    Incorrect timing?

    I have a 66cc 2 stroke bike that won't start. It has spark, it has compression, and gas is getting to the engine. The only thing I can think of is timing. Does the CDI control timing or the magneto? How do I test? It was worked fine for a long time. I shut it off and went to start it a few...
  3. StreetDemonCustomCycles

    Pop, then lost most compression won't start now HELP

    Okay so I took my old engine that had been sitting under my house for around a month, the engine wouldn't start and I had a spare so I put it on and just left the old one, when recently I decided to see if I could get the other one going. It wouldn't start so I ended up riding WOT down a huge...
  4. E

    Moped won't start. Cranks hard but won't turn over- no spark.

    50 cc Chinese scooter. After fueling up, I was turning on a road and my moped died. I put in the highest grade gas. I've charged and replaced the battery and the engine sounds like it's trying to start but just won't catch (sounds like what a car sounds like when it's dead). My break lights work...
  5. Vintagemotorized

    Help!! My is my jug shot?

    my bike has had compression issues after I ported and polish the engine at first I blamed the base gasket that I made out of cheap gasket maker (it was pretty much bare metal) but when I removed my jug I found these scratches on the cylinder wall going from the top to one of the ports I believe...
  6. JakeBayCity

    Bike starts then dies out

    I pedlle fast drop clutch and bike wont continie???
  7. JakeBayCity

    Clutch tightend all the way back tire still wont move!

    The clutch arm is tightend all the way and the back tire Is still locked any ideas? Tips the back tire won't move at all! The other day I had a similar problem where the back tire wouldn't move at all so I decided to tighten the clutch arm and It worked now I was riding and peddiling while...
  8. justakid108

    Engine Trouble Won't turn over now!!!

    I just replaced my 50cc with an 80cc. Breaking it in, it was running fine. So much better than the 50cc. I was riding around the neighborhood, when I took a different turn than usual, only to find another enterance to my neighborhood. So I was turning around (I was on the main road, like, at...