1. J

    Whizzer Value

    I'm looking to make some space around the house and have a Whizzer in the way, it is a Yellow 2008 WCNE model in pretty good shape other then a good layer of dust on it and having not cranked it up in about 3 maybe 4 years. I have it on Craigslist for $1,200 and am not sure if that is a good...
  2. Sitherus

    Another Wont start engine with a twist.

    (SORRY FOR ALL THE READING TO FOLLOW) I picked up a motorized Stinger 66cc motorized bicycle on the side of the road i spoke to the owner to make sure he was throwing it away. It had so much dust on it. He said it had not run in 5 years. I took it home cleaned out the gas tank and carburetor...