1. Robert Bianchi

    Bt100/YD100 coming soon to ZedaMotorsports.com

    This is a big bore china doll! We just got our first sample in today and will be ordering in the next few weeks. Dyno testing coming soon.
  2. Robert Bianchi

    $355 Stroker Case Reed Motor

    We are listing up some stroker case reed motors for $355. Engine only. 45mm stroke x 47mm bore. Very powerful. Here’s a YouTube link of it pulling they sand pits. Lots of torque.
  3. UDAHOE24

    Air bubbles coming from carb

    Just installed a new zeda motorsports 5.5hp stage 2 engine and at wide open throttle it empties the fuel line untill it's just froth. I've already drilled a hole in the gas cap, and I've cleaned the petcock filter but my problem persists. I'm running a runtong carburator that was supplied with...
  4. lukecanna

    New motor, start it stock or with after-market parts?

    Hi, Im about to build my new zeda-80 motor and was wondering what everyone thinks i should do. I have a zeda66 exhaust, compression head and cns carb. For the first start or the motor and to run it in should i put these parts on the bike or should i leave everything stock? Anything counts! Thanks
  5. AMP Research fork, Zeda Case Reed, SOMA Kick Stand

    AMP Research fork, Zeda Case Reed, SOMA Kick Stand

    Vintage AMP Research F3 XC fork with disk brake flange, Zeda install, awesome double kick stand
  6. The Beast Evolves

    The Beast Evolves

    New Additions: Sleeved Zeda80 case reed engine, AMP Reasearch F3 XC fork, SOMA double kick stand
  7. Robert Bianchi


    We have took the stock cdi and put it up against the HD lightening cdi and found out some funny things! Check out the YouTube video. You’d be amazed if the results! Pure dyno action. Join our Facebook group at Zeda mafia motorized bicycle club. Check out store out at zedamotorsports.com
  8. Spare_Parts

    Hyper Crusier/ Zeda case reed build

    This build is kinda odd for me. I typically don't start any project with all new parts. Most of my stuff is but with old junk and some new stuff. That's how I picked the screen name. My last bike (first MB) was fun but had all kinds of problems with the Seeutek. Bearings went, then it broke a...