1. My Bike Is Done

    My Bike Is Done

    Zeda80 case reed, AMP Fork, F/R Magura HS33 Hydraulic Brakes. KTM 80 pipe, 28mm PWK, 26” Andra 40/Continental/(f)Cane Creek, (r) Sturmey-Archer X-RK8, Rare 29” Skyhawk Frame
  2. Robert Bianchi

    Dyno results! Zeda Mafia always #1

    Check out our YouTube videos for more info about engines on the market cool tips on what works and what doesn’t. Also Check our Facebook group. ZEDA MAFIA MOTORIZED BICYCLE CLUB. 6,000 active members and growing.
  3. Robert Bianchi

    $355 Stroker Case Reed Motor

    We are listing up some stroker case reed motors for $355. Engine only. 45mm stroke x 47mm bore. Very powerful. Here’s a YouTube link of it pulling they sand pits. Lots of torque.
  4. A

    Recommand oil for stock zeda80

    On the user manual it says "valvoline two stroke racing oil is recommanded" or use "two stroke oil" as alternative. However, I can not find them online. Does that means any fully Synthetic 2-Cycle/Stroke Oil are fine? Do you guys have any recommand oil for my engine? Thank you!
  5. J

    Motorize bike backfires after turning in choke

    Just rebuilt my MB and have about 3 hours on it at low rpms and 20:1 Rp oil and premium pump gas. I turned on my motorized bikes choke and it stalled out with a backfire. Turned off choke and tryed starting it again and all it does is backfire and won’t start. I’ve pulled apart the cylinder...
  6. The Beast: Ready For The Road

    The Beast: Ready For The Road

    All new components fitted and installed. Next: Firing it up
  7. AMP Research fork, Zeda Case Reed, SOMA Kick Stand

    AMP Research fork, Zeda Case Reed, SOMA Kick Stand

    Vintage AMP Research F3 XC fork with disk brake flange, Zeda install, awesome double kick stand
  8. The Beast Evolves

    The Beast Evolves

    New Additions: Sleeved Zeda80 case reed engine, AMP Reasearch F3 XC fork, SOMA double kick stand
  9. Neo_Epoch

    Got the cranny a zeda80 triple 40, few questions.

    Hey all, thanks for all the help in previous postings! Income tax was decent, so i picked up a Zeda80 triple 40 to replace the hybrid 49/50cc motor on my cranny, from zeda motor sports. Out of the box; - went with the port matching option - went with the $20 cdi upgrade (thunder cdi, i think?)...