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    OK, so after about a month I am able to get this thing out and ride, although a bit cold. My new halceon goggles help with that a bit. I had a local bike shop mount a 3spd sturmey archer coasterbrake hub in the rear, on new ss spokes and wheel and fat maxxis hookworm tires. These tires look great. They really fill out the fenders. Also on the front is a new drum hub with the ss spokes and same wheel and tire combo.
    The biggest thing was to have a Quenton mill my head so I am now getting a lot more power than before, and also a new hiflo insert. THe engine now revs and idles better than it ever did.
    When i am on a flat road and go full power the clutch still seems to slip, I can hear the power revving but not feel the power, get what I mean? My rear belt seems fine, and I can hear some slippage now and then, so It must be the forward belt. What is the easiest way to adjust this one?

    Also, I have been looking for a front fender mounted plate everywhere to no avail. Any idea where to get one, or would I have to fab one myself?

    When the weather clears up I will post pics, this thing looks great now with the new wheels and tires, and I have added a handlebar bag and some saddlebags as well.:devilish:

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