083 chain question.

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    Hello, I have recently built my first motored bike. Everything works great but I have been reading horror stories about the stock idler. I upgraded to an engine mounted spring type. It looks like it should work fine, but I need the chain a half link shorter.
    My chain is marked 083. Is this the same as a 415H?
    I bought a #41 half link from Tractor Supply, but is just a bit too wide.
    Would it be better just to change the chain to a #41?

  2. HeadSmess

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    move something before using 1/2 links. they just be plain NASTY. nastier than the tensioner.

    spring tensioners may sound fine and dandy but you gunna curse when the chain jams up in the engine case on compression braking/starting as the things are plain nasty too...
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    Yea, I hear ya. My problem is I can't move anything. I highly modified the actual engine case to fit properly on my mountain bike. The original tensioner worked well, but it looked like it could blow apart at any time. I really don't even like those master links, but I need to do something. If a half link is my only option, I just want to make sure I have a quality link and chain that will work properly.
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    chains are measured in 8ths of an inch - 415 is 4/8 or 1/2in pitch. by 1.5/8 or 3/16 in inner width - china measures by 16ths in an inch - 83 is 8/16 in or 1/2in pitch by 3/16in inner width, so 415 is same as 83

    note, though that heavy duty chain will have wider rollers and thicker plates making outer width a bit larger & flat topped drive sprockets a bit stiff in picking up the chain while running - I often have to grind a bit off the drive sprocket so the corners of the teeth will clear the large rollers
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    Ok, got it. Thank you. So is the 415H the heavy duty? The 083/415 chain is the chain that came in the kit. It would not even fit under the sprocket cover until I ground some metal underneath the cover. It worked very well, no skipping and smooth. I just don't like that tensioner.
    Do you think the #41 chain from tractor supply would be a better option. I have a tractor supply close to me, and they are inexpensive. I keep reading horror stories about the original chains and idler set up.
  6. HeadSmess

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    one thought. the rear engine mount can be ground back quite a bit... or packed out from the engine. either way works ;) didnt think of that before...

    probably not an issue with these pathetic engines, but i do recall using "cheap" industrial chain on a gokart with a jack axle set-up.

    couldnt put me foot down until i swapped it for a strand of real chain from the motorbike...ie, tsubaki, RK, that sorta thing. was fine on the first redux, but couldnt take the second run to the rear axle...

    you get what you pay for. avoid chain with "split" rollers.
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    For the reasons explained above, is good enough reason to install a shift kit and be gone with all the troubles of a single speed drive system.