1 1/8 Inch Bicycle Seatpost

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    I have a chopper cruiser from XYZ BIKES it looks like a SHWINN STINGRAY
    IT measured 7ft front tire to back tire the frame is stretched to the point
    I have room for the motor/jackshaft/12volt battery and ooga horn!!!!!!
    I plan on installing mini stalk turn signals/brake light/head light last bike
    I built ran all wiring throgh the frame works/looks awesome I located most
    of the parts I need for this build but can not locate front motor mount as
    the jackshaft mounts to the motor then to the frame I will not need the
    rear mount I also unable to find a 1 1/8 inch angled seatpost that will put
    the seat farther back over the fender and a old school speedometer for
    24 inch tire

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    Hi Moon, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome to this site!
    Sorry I cannot help you on a thick angled seat post tube.