1" Headset for Skyhawk Frame?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by schwinn123, May 20, 2015.

  1. schwinn123

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    Does anybody know of a 1 Inch threadless headset that will work in the skyhawk gt2a frame? Im trying to fit some triple trees hoping things will work. I rather change the headset rather than the steerer tube (to fit the 1 1/8th headset). Ive looked around alot, all the shim kits seem to only be to retrofit the stem size. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! (big build with lots of pics coming soon)

  2. KCvale

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    I don't know of any, it's an odd headtube size, but why would you want to put triple trees on a gas tank frame?
    You know those tubes are going to crash into the gas tank and dent it eventually right?
    By eventually I mean the first time it falls over.
  3. schwinn123

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    It definitley is an odd size. looks like my only option may be this from lynns custom motored bikes. Makes the fork price pretty pricey in the end. trying to avoid it.

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  4. butre

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    there's a brand called problem solvers that makes shims to fit pretty much anything inside of anything on a bicycle. I learned about them when I decided that I wanted to buy one suspension seatpost and use it on several bicycles instead of spending $25 per bicycle. I ended up just buying 1 shim for $8.99 so I could use the same post on either my mountain bike which required a 27.2mm seatpost or my road bike which required a 25.4mm seatpost.
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    looks interesting butre. i wonder what the measurements of the actual parts are. from everything i read, the headtube size on this frame is weird. I too have used seatpost spacers and stuff in the past, even for this frame, they work great.
  6. schwinn123

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    haha, im hoping to not drop it! when i mocked the whole frame up before starting paint and assembly it didnt seem like they would really be a problem, i mean they wont hit when steering, and i guess my plan would be to not drop it at all. I had my mind set on triple trees, so i definitley want to try them. My only other choices would be a plain springer or a monark2 springer, which are obviously expensive. i dont know, tough call..........................