1 MB = Sole Mode of Transportation for 365 days

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Bonefish, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Bonefish

    Bonefish Member

    Looking for anyone out there that has ridden one motorbicycle everyday for one year that has not driven a car or used another mode of transportation.

    What do you have? Why is it so reliable?


  2. unior

    unior Member

    I lost my license for a year.....running friction drive and a 4 stroke for reliability and ease of refueling.

    I'm six months in but my car has been sitting.
  3. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    First I'd hate to ride a bike to work every day...for 365 days...need a days off.
    My son didn't have a license for the past 15 years and wanted to get on something besides peddling to work...he asked about electric, but while in Vietnam they had thousands upon thousands of motored bikes. All were front wheel drive. I was searching for a engine of that type but couldn't find what I was looking for...found this site and went the HT route. He's no stranger peddling...took 11 days to peddle from Orlando to Atlanta, including to full days rest en route, due to weather. We have the most lax laws of any state concerning engine assisted bikes that I know of. Although he didn't ride it equal to days going to work, but since he got his license back we've put the equivalent miles on ours without any major issues. Most likely the key to this is to mount the engine properly and make some much needed out of the box mods.
  4. oologah

    oologah New Member

    I have 1500+ miles and counting. It's my sole form of tranpo. Here in Oklahoma it seems to be cool with the law. I've been passed by city, county any Highway Patrol, no problems. The cranbrook cruiser from Walmart has been welded on, a solid piece of 1" stock put down the seat tube, tube broke where the engine was attached. Broken spokes, smoked bearings in cheap walmart rim. I could go on and on,, and on. Reliable, as reliable as you make it. I do 70+ mile trips, that's alot of vibration. I check the bike out every time I get on it. Don't want to take a 30 mph face plant.
  5. unior

    unior Member

    I hate to say it, but that is my only beef with the ht 2 strokes.
  6. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    I haven't owned own a car for 5 years, by choice. I rent one when needed, mostly in the winter, or mass transit when it suits.

    I ride bicycles, own a dozen, first motorized one about 3 years ago. I have at any one time a half dozen MBs around for my myself and my wife to ride, all either Robin or Mitsu rackmounts.
  7. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    I don't really qualify because I use a car for long trips, night travel, going out with wife, etc., but I do use my motor bike for almost all my errands and day trips including getting all my groceries. I have ridden 2000 miles in 4 months.

    The last few weeks I have used my motor bike for errands of 30, 40, and 50 miles. In fact, I love it when things are far away because it gives me a destination to ride to and new routes to explore. I live near Washington, DC and in the city and inner suburbs it is easy to find good routes. The outer suburbs are a challange because they are designed with a mixture of high speed highways and residential cul-de-sacs that go nowhere.

    My bike is a good quality front-suspension mountain bike with a GEBE kit, a 32cc Tanaka motor, and a heavy-duty real wheel. I have ridden it for 2000 miles with no problems whatsoever.
  8. proline20

    proline20 New Member

    Yes, car for riding the kids and wife, but all errands on the MB. 2 years, 4,900 miles on a friction drive 25cc Bumblebee Bolt-on. 160 mpg and 29 mph is too much fun. Heavy Jamis earth cruiser, 12 guage rear wheel and less vibration than HT. I only have average mechanical skills and had too much trouble with the chinese stuff. The only worries when riding is a flat situation...every 500 miles I give the Bumble Bee a bath in gas, new friction wheel, and new rear tire.
  9. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    Mine is my primary commuter, I have bags to haul groceries, etc. But I admit, on rainy days. I go back to four wheels ;) good luck, it can be done!
  10. billy270

    billy270 Member

    well my point beach crusier is my every day bike.... i have a skyhawk motor on it...... i have only been doing it for a couple mounts now but i have a preg g/f and time to time she will take me places but outhere than thit i am crusing.......:rockon:
  11. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    "Too much fun" is exactly the way I feel. I have been an enthusiastic cyclist all my life and I just love riding bikes, but I am getting older, which means I can't go as fast and I get tired more quickly.

    My MB is so much fun because it is so fast! Easily 30 mph on the flat. That is such a thrill for an old pedal cyclist! It is what I always wished I could do! And long steep hills are easy! It's like they are not even there! A hilly 50-mile ride is quick and almost effortless!

    However, I only take my MB on errands where I think it will be fairly secure while locked up - good neighborhood, short-duration stop (less than about 1/2 hr), and with a highly visable place to lock it up (like right in front of a main entrance). It those conditions are not met, I use an old (but good) pedal bike instead.
  12. Bonefish

    Bonefish Member

    I tried twice unsuccessfully with two 68.5/80cc china kits to make a daily commuter out of a MB that would last 1 year. Both kits didn't make it 1 year combined.
  13. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    my bike is my only trans,,,I cannot drive due to a visual impairment
    I use it for work (taking my grandkids to/from school/parks), and pleasure/stress-relief
    I have 6000 miles on my kit now ;)
    I only get in a car/truck when I am asked to help with groceries or the like
    (they only ask when they need the 'muscle' LOL),
    or for special occasions like the death race

    I think I have only been out of town 2 or 3x in the last year

    I should mention to those that don't know, I live with my daughter and her family and am a live in Grampa :):):)
  14. Bonefish

    Bonefish Member

    I still have not been able to do it. Been thru 3 MB setups now and none of them have made it one year. I'm not a weekend warrior though. I ride my bike everyday. I ride over 5,000 miles in one year. Nothing yet has been able to withstand the everyday pounding the pavement routine.

    Not sure, but I think the key is to have 2 identical of everything. This way if something breaks, you are not dependent on kit makers that have to send you something. Downtime is not good.

    If I get my bike up and rolling again, the goal and objective is to eliminate the kit maker. I believe this is the way to go.

    Do NOT fall victim to the "You need to call me B.S." from a kit maker.

    Peace out
  15. MotorizedMatt

    MotorizedMatt New Member

    I've been riding my MB as my sole transportation since June, And I will continue to ride it untill next June, when I get my license back. I am currently building another one because reliability is starting to become an issue with my current bike.
  16. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Some people like them, [ like me ] some people don't . A rear mount friction drive, Japanese powered is the most dependable rig ,,, in MY opinion. I think the dislikes by some, are the fact that it doesn't LOOK like a motorcycle. To me, I don't care. Great engines, easy , simple mounting, very well made & dependable , easy to repair a flat on the rear That's a BIG plus if going long distances. Before anyone jumps in with the " eating the tires " comment,,,, once it is adjusted right, you have a good tire design, you learn to be easy on the throttle & pedal assist when needed,[ from starts, up hills, in wet weather ] that is not true. I have been riding these types for years & have plenty of experience.
  17. 2Fat2Pedal

    2Fat2Pedal New Member

    I'm rehabbing a broken shoulder and loaned my BMP/Tanaka TC47 friction rig to my 21 yr old son. He's put on 450 mi in a month commuting. Only issues: toasted rear rim and 1 flat due to potholes right away. We put on a HD rim from Golden Eagle, now it is holding up well. He cruises at 30+ with the Tanaka wide open. This engine is a beast (but loud). I wish Tanaka still sold them.

  18. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    2Fat, what size is your friction roller?

    If you're lucky, or make a concerted effort to find a Tanaka TC-47 or 47R engine, almost every replacement part of those engines can be found online at reasonable prices. :detective:

    I agree. The beast is LOUD at high rpm.:jester:

    These engines WOULD last for the year easily.
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  19. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    A Whole Year?

    I couldn't ride an MB every day for a whole year, although weather permits it here. I just don't have the nerve to do so.

    The reason is that every ride to me is like a fast amusement ride...or a freeway drive in Los Angeles for me. Every ride is intense; it's great fun, but not a relaxing stress relief ride for me. I'm not talking about all-out, "need for speed" runs, but the everyday commute to work, or a ride to the park 10 miles away.

    It's sharing the country's worst paved roads with hundreds of thousands of vehicles on an island 100 miles in circumference and not many miles of road!!!:sweatdrop:

    If I rode cautiously near the curb at 20mph, I'd be a basketcase.:ack2:
  20. pipelinemike2000

    pipelinemike2000 New Member

    hi, my name is mike. i have a point beach cruiser purchased from wall mart and the 66 cc grubee skyhawk motor. i lost my drivers license and for around 4 months this has been my only transportation. i live alone so every thing i do depends on my MB. i haven't had any major problems with it. i did put a mountain bike front end on it for the suspension and disc brake. the only thing i haven't figured out how to do on it is dating, i haven't found a girl that will ride on the back yet. lol