1" Threaded Headset vibrating loose

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mcassMB6, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. mcassMB6

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    I have a one inch threaded headset that seems to back itself out every time I go for a ride.

    I tried tightening it with headset wrenches but it still persists...

    Is it possible to switch to a threadless headset? Do I need a converter?

  2. Mountainman

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    mcassMB6 -- I think that a few LOC-Tight recommendations will be coming in here... Since back in my bicycle shop days -- 1970 -- I have enjoyed using a very small amount of JB weld to put a stop to the problem... I have found that when wanted -- part can still be broken loose... I have also seen parts with the threads messed up -- small coating of JB -- some sewing thread or very fine string added and -- repair worked -- question - would this be the best way to repair something -- well no but it works for a fix at many times... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  3. ihatemybike

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    There also used to be after market lock nuts that had thread clamping abilities. Old shops might have them in their BMX parts stock.
  4. Gimmick

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    Double check that the keyed washer is still in place between the top race and the tightening nut. Ive never tried the jb weld thing but it seems like a good idea. you can replace your 1" headset witha 1 or 1 1/8 headset too, but it also involves changing the forks, bearing cups and stem, not the cheapest soultion.
  5. datz510

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    Id try some of the red loctite.. strong stuff. Let it cure for the required time before riding the bike again.

    I know conversion is possible on some bikes (I have a 1 1/8" threaded that I am going to convert), but mostly MTB from what I've seen. I'll let someone chime in that knows a little more about it.
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  6. ihatemybike

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    Typically you cannot convert from 1" to 1 1/8" using stock parts. When 1 1/8" first started in BMX, it was figured out that you could take a Tioga MX-II headset and machine it out to fit the 1 1/8" fork in a a 1" spec frame. Converting 1 1/8" threaded to threadless is easy as all the parts are readily available.

    I'd give the Loctite a try first, then try upgrading to an Tioga MX-II.
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  7. Warner

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    Aaron knows his stuff.....I'd follow his reccommendation. He already saved me some money on my build! Thanks again Aaron.

  8. ihatemybike

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    Reread what I posted, need to clarify a little. Also did a search for the headset I recommended on the web. Apparently it's been upgraded and it now called the Tioga Beartrap II. It's been a very long time since I bought a 1" headset.

    So here's the revision:
    Try the Loctite on your current headset (allow to dry overnight before use), then try the Tioga Beartrap II unmodified first with the stock fork (Loctite if needed), then if desperation sits in have the Beartrap machined to 1 1/8" threadless specs and buy the fork and stem needed to go with it.