1 Year owner, 100+ miles a week for the last three months

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    I moved from the cold climes of indiana to florida, expecting to be able to pick up a scooter for the prices i would have paid up north. little did i realize that scooters are year round vehicles down here, i quickly got together 80 bucks for a roadmaster 26" and after a small amount of deliberation i purchased a slant engine kit from zoombicycle before they started only shipping to canada. after being totally lost at the instruction manual, it never occured to me to check for a forum of any sort for support, and just winged it till it worked. to express how ill prepared i was, i tried to drill out the pin on my chain, and resorted to attacking it with a dremel till the pin was able to slip out.

    just got a job about 12 miles away from my house and commute daily with it, i've gone through 5 tires, 6 headlights, 7 innertubes, 1 airless tube, just broke the first spoke, have had to replace the small bevel wheel, and have really only needed to be picked off the side of the road twice, the first was my first blowout, the second was when my clutch decided to grind my small bevel wheel into dust. i carry just about every tool i need to field strip my whole bike, repair tires, and whatnot.

    and then i found my way here looking up expansion chambers. life is good!

    100_4537.jpeg its a friggen hoopty. although i just picked up a cateye headlight/taillight combo, so the duct tape is gone.
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    Well, perhaps we should dub it the "M1A1 Nathan 2-Wheel Hoopty Assault Vehicle!!!," or "2WHEEHVER!!" Actually, you know I'm only joking, here, right.? Welcome to the Forums at the Motored Bikes. We are glad to have you. If you need any help, with any of your problems, please don't hesitate to ask. We have some of the finest talent in the world on these boards, and all are willing to assist you.
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    Well Nathan, sounds like you learn fast. Interesting front setup you have there. You'll like it here.
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    Heh heh... 2 wheever....I msy hsve to ask your advise on naming my next bike. :grin5:
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    that front setup desperately needs a disc brake, because the fork is for a 26 inch wheel and the calipers wont reach the 20inch on the front. but its pouring down rain right now so i dont have to worry about braking today, takin the car to work.