10 Guage Wheel Builder



I saw recent post regarding a wheel builder that builds 10 guage wheels and also straightens alloy motorcycle wheels after damage. For the life of me, I can't seem to find the post again or recall the link for the website. Anyone know what I'm talking about?!? :confused:

Thanks - John
Yes! Yes! Yes! That's him. I should have known 'Ol Pete would come through. Thanks. I was going nuts trying to remember....
Beefy Wheels

I'm here at your service John ! I just purchased 40,000 ten gauge spokes with 40,000 more on their way, PM me if you like or click Contact on our website and I'll make you a wheel that will be sure to satisfy your needs, also, my wheels come with a lifetime gaurantee ! I'm currently working with a downhill racer, I've instructed him to TRY and break my wheel, I haven't heard a peep in the year he's had it... knock on wood.. lol.....:D