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  1. Hoodoo

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    Here's my new project no 2with project no. 1, no.1 looks a bit shorter than it is due to the angle but it is normal bike length but No. 2 is 5" longer in frame with loop and the springer increases wheelbase about two inches.

    Still made some mistakes, but I like it, it is the same length as our 1917 Indian
    although a bit lower. Not going to mod it anymore just get it together and
    ride it. The distance in the two upper bars is increased which allows the rectangular hanging tank I bought to fit full length. Just a matter of building a fake tank cover.

    My cousin tweaked no. 1's engine and even with break-in fuel it is faster than I want to go on a bike now. Pretty cool. Probably will be putting in a larger rear sprocket to slow it down and give it better lower speed torque.

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  2. ironman66

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    what frame is that you used?
  3. Hoodoo

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    Worksman industrial on the second project, Husky industrial on the first project. I had to cut up the husky a lot more than I wanted (I did not lengthen this frame)...didn't have a slant fire engine when I built it and I wanted to get the seat further back... However I wanted to try doing at least one loop frame to see how it would turn out so I used a worksman. Much happier with the worksman, didn't have to change the position of the seat and I like the rear portion of the bike better.

    Technically with 26" wheels and the full length motorcycle frame may look more Hendersonish, but it's all in fun, still going to paint it red.
  4. WhizBangAndy

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    Cool Frame build! I will be watching and admiring..:bowdown:
  5. ironman66

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    when u extended the frame did you just add metal ?or did you replace the pieces with longer pieces?
    new to this and was woundering
  6. Hoodoo

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    Sorry to take so long responding, my computer used to let me know if there was a response...no more though.

    Replaced the forward frame wth 3/4" Iron pipe, no splicing. Kept only the neck. Doesn't leave much of the worksman left admittedly but I like the rake of the worksman seat post and the other parts. Will be installing the engine and sprocket this Sat 10/9. Will see what adventures that brings! The "Special" rode very well this Saturday, thinking of a larger sprocket though to give better low end performance.