10 Minute 2 Stroke Installation Video

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    Hey everyone, I made this video over the summer as a paid job (I do video editing as one of my hobbies) and it is really what got me interested in motorized bikes.

    I know from experience how difficult the installations can be, and if some things aren't done properly then it can result in damage to the engine or parts of the engine.

    If you need help or are on you're first installation, I suggest you watch the video. If you have any questions about installing these kits, I am more than happy to help out.



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    The link don't work.
    You tube says "The URL contained a malformed video ID".
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    Well thats no good. I fixed the link.
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    Link repaired! :)
    Overall it is a good video.

    Here is my take of it:

    It is best if the curvature of the engine mounts matches the curvature of the bicycle frame tubing. Filing the aluminum mounts with sand paper wrapped around an appropriately sized wooden dowel or short section of sprinkler pipe will do this very well. I use multiple wraps of sand paper or news paper between the pipe and sand paper to "shim" the diameter perfectly. You can clamp the engine mount in a bench vice and drag the sandpaper tube into the mount or..... clamp the sand paper tube in the bench vice and drag the mount over it. Either way works well. Check the fitment often. The mount should fit very snugly onto the frame tube when done.
    Failure to do this will tend to spread the mounts over time, stress the soft aluminum mounts, and can lead to cracking them and/ or breaking the mounting studs.

    The dishing of the rear wheel sprocket can face inwards or outwards depending on what is necessary to achieve proper chain alignment between the engine sprocket and rear wheel sprocket. Be careful that the chain does not drag on the rear wheel's spokes or the bicycle frame tubing.

    Your nomenclature on a few of the components is off, but you still get your point across well.

    Based on the most common problems that newbs have with these kits, I would concentrate a bit more focus on proper engine mounting, rear wheel sprocket centering, proper wiring (getting rid of the factory plug in connectors and which wire goes where, for example), and proper clutch cable inner wire tensioning.

    If I knew how to make a video I would, so you are waaaaay ahead of me there!
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I should have come on here before making the video. I might have to make another one if I ever do another conventional bike.
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    i like it... good job.. wish this was around when i did mine...
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    First of all, you do not HAVE to have a 26" bike to put a motor on one. I have two motorized bikes that are 20" frames with 20" wheels.

    You should not tighten the nuts on the engine mounts before you put on the exhaust.
    You should ALWAYS assemble everything loose, so that if you need to make adjustments, you won't have to loosen it all back up again.

    you left out one very important thing....BLUE LOC-TITE on EVERY nut & bolt.

    All in all I think it gives the newb an idea of what needs to be done, but they need to know that this video does not have to be followed exactly. They should be informed about some of the things that could be done differently.
    like saying "this is a typical installation, but your results may vary" or something along those lines.
    I also think that you should cover the wiring more (remove those plug together connectors, solder and heat shrink all wire connections for optimum performance). Explain the possibilities of having to flip the sprocket around, adjusting the clutch and throttle cables, and installing the slide in the carb. You would not belieive how many people put the slide in wrong when they assemble the carb., and then come on here saying that their throttle doesn't work, or that their engine is running at full throttle all the time.

    People who use this video to actually build a motorized bike should also be informed that they may have to tweak a few things here and there to make everything work right. For safety sake, I also think you should have gone over the brake system on the bike, and make sure that the viwer knows that stock bike brakes will work, but they will not work the best.
    There are a ton of things that should be looked, changed and modified when installing an engine on a bike, and you shouldn;t give the impression that just anyone can bolt an engine on a bike and take off riding it.
    I'm not bashing your video because it is fairly decent. There are some things that people should know, who have little to no mechanical ability, or who have no researched this whole motored bike thing.
    one otherimportant peice of information is the nuts, bolts and washers that come with these kits.
    9 times out of 10, a newb will break or strip some of these nuts & bolts. They should be made aware of this and they shoudl also be made aware that it is a good idea to replace all nuts, bolts and washers with higher quality ones.

    These are just my opinions, and overall I think you have a useful video there for new people who are trying to install an engine on a bike for the first time.
    Altho, some parts if it can be misleading (like the time frame) and that everything will go together right on the first try.
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    No video is perfect at this point, and some very good suggestions have been made.

    Stay tuned for something neat.
  10. motorpsycho

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    exactly and he has a good start on what could become an excellent video.
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    Hmmmm.... a how to video......... Produced, directed and starring........ Stan4d......Screenplay by tswizzy2?
  12. Stan4d

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    Nope Gear.......And not neccessarily a Video. Working on it now......I will let you know. I will just say that this is something for everyone to get involved in.