10 speed and motors

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    I tried to look this up but it seems I am not wording my search right.

    I am new when it comes to the bike end of all this so please be patient.

    I am wondering if any one is hooking their motors to the drive on the wheels so that you can shift gears?

    I do not know if this question makes sense or not. What I am thinking about is setting up a bike so I can manually change gears like on a ten speed while using a moter.

    Any links to a thread about it wou ld be greatly appriciated.

    BTW please forgive my ignorance. I ahve not plyed with bikes in 25 years.

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    Perfect! Thank you very much.
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    Yeah lots tucked away on this in the archive. Use shifting gears for search terms and you'll find plenty, particularly 'sick bike parts' and also 'scooterguy'.
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    thank you for the search tip