Safety 10 Ways to Not Get Hit By Cars [Must Read]


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Nov 5, 2009
I ride pedal bikes a lot, and really HATE riding on sidewalks, but I will do it if the locals somewhere are just so cagey that I can't ride the road. I have to go slower by far and brake a lot for people, but in TX bicyclists are non-persons to most cagers.
Some car drivers (I drive cars too but I look for stuff and drive nicely!)
are nearly suicidal, willing to crash their cars to show they are cock-of-the-walk.

Wrong way riders really are dangerous, and set in their ways! I would rather just let the cops deal with them after some ugly dealings with them.


Jul 9, 2010
If traffic allows meaning if you can safely get over it is safer to make a left turn like you would do in a motor vehicle..
I've actually been doing this as much as possible now-- WHEN traffic allows, of course. The street on which I work, the speed limit is 45, and my bike can't safely keep up. Luckily, most of the intersections have actual, physically defined right turn lanes, as well as "left on green arrow ONLY" physically defined left turn lanes.

Safe left turns will be even easier/safer once my brake lights and turn signals arrive in a couple days


Car hits bicyclist.. Who is at fault,,,doest matter much to the guy on the bike
I hit a guy on a bicycle 15 years ago...:cry:

I was leaving the strip mall, CRAWLING slowly down a 25-foot long decline towards an intersecting sidewalk. Visibility was the width of two lanes because of high rock wall. The cyclist was upon me, riding the sidewalk outa nowhere; all I could do was brake hard. Next thing I knew, the man was falling forward into the street. Luckily, the passing car saw him fall, slowed down enough, so the guy's head hit the top of the car's rear tire when he fell into the street.

I watched helplessly; everything was in slow motion....boom. No damage to my van or his bike. Of course, I stopped to give assistance, a crowd formed. Police arrived. Military guy was conscious; he asked me to call his wife and secure his bike, before being whisked to Tripler Hospital 2 miles away. I called her, she started crying. Told her not to worry, only for observation, no scrapes, bruises, blood, (but possible neck injury, which I didn't say). Police finished the report, said no need to contact my insurance company. Next day I called my insurance man anyway. He said he's glad I did, because in Hawaii the car's driver is responsible for the bicyclist's medical expenses, no matter who's at fault!

Of course, I'm worried about the man's condition and if he's gonna sue me. My wife called his wife, who stated that I, the vehicle driver, hit her husband. My wife explained that her husband plowed into my van, and it was civil between the two women. My wife asked about her husband's condition and wanted to speak to him.

"Oh, he's at WORK!!!!

Case closed, worries over, we never heard from him again.

Because of this accident, the mall's management company LOWERED the rockwall, so you can now see pedestrians and bicyclists approaching the mall's entrance/exit.

Since the victim was military, he had medical coverage, no expense to me.

What a frightening ordeal! I was glad the guy was okay:bowdown:
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Robie Osborne

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Apr 17, 2014
Check this out


I used to always worry about getting hit during the night commutes to and from campus. People don't look no matter how obvious you are. EXCEPT when you got one of these babies. I used to have cars get so close to me that their side mirrors almost touch me, now I get cars changing lanes to get away from me lol. Haven't had to worry about getting hit for like a year now.
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