100:1 fuel mix?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sactownie, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. sactownie

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    Ok I see a lot of really old threads of people running opti 2 at 100:1 mix. Is anyone still running this with over 2,000+ miles on there china girl? My new motor is almost broke in running the cheap walmart 8oz bottles so I am getting ready to switch from my breakin mix soon....

  2. jaguar

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    Even though it is synthetic it is best not to mix too lean. I personally use 30:1 with synthetic. I like engines to last long.
  3. BigBlue

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    I've used Opti-2 at 100:1 with no problems - even in 100 + degrees this past summer for several hours. Each person is going to have to choose their comfort level when choosing a fuel to oil ratio. I run Opti-2 in all my 2 strokes at 100:1. Not a single problem.

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  4. Fabian

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    :whistling: letting your engine just idle for several hours?
  5. BigBlue

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    Riding in 100+ degree temperature. Idling at that temperature and that long will definitely do harm to the engine, no matter what the fuel to oil ratio or type of oil.

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