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    RALLY%20069[1].jpg I took part in this years vetrans moving wall motorcycle ride this year. I spent most of the day playing catch up; but managed to stay with the pack. I took my slower board track/cruiser and it was well accepted and had many offers to sell it! moving wall-2 - Copy.jpg acetlene light 001.jpg
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  2. keatonx

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    Really nice bike, what kind of engine's on it?
  3. james65

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    It is a standard 50cc china girl HT 2 cycle dressed up to look like early 1900's vintage. Sad part is; that engine just died after 3k+ Mi.
    I have started to build a replacement engine and it should be ready in a week. I hope I have as much luck with the new engine.
  4. mason_man

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    Looks good, i also like your speedo too.

  5. Fabian

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    That's a spiffy looking bike :tt1:
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    I bet most of the motorcycle riders didn't realize that your cool machine was based on a bicycle. Well done.
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    Best looking bike in the bunch imo.
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    Nice! Isn't that a sportsman flyer? like the retro look. I thought about getting one for a race bike build someday. The base bike is probability what I can afford though because its only $500 without an engine. For the engine I was thinking of a 79cc predator.
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  10. I like yours the best!
  11. Tell us about your cylinder!

    I love the vintage look of your looooong cylinder!

    How did you achieve that?

    Any cooling issues?

    Very nice!