100+ motorcycles and 1 MB

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Tell us about your cylinder!

I love the vintage look of your looooong cylinder!

How did you achieve that?

Any cooling issues?

Very nice!
Come on on guys, these are ancient threads being resurrected again this one had a last reply in 2015 until the Second Coming happened last night.

Please start new threads when trying to bring things up to present day and time.
Yes, it is an old post, but I thought that it might inspire some builders.
I found it inspiring. It is a beautiful build.
What inspires even more is new threads that are showcasing these bikes and what we are presently doing and talking to folks that are here and active in the forums...Most of the original folks in this thread haven't been heard from in many for years now, so there is a whole new group of people to inspire.

This thread is now locked, I tried to just let it be but this is exactly how old, old, threads come back from the dead like Lazarus...People keep adding and adding to it and do not let it just die a proper natural death.
This is why we have that
RED LETTER notice to NOT revive threads that have not been answered in three or more years...People just ignore it.

DO NOT RESUSCITATE old threads...Just start new threads instead.
Not open for further replies.