100 MPG car..!!

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    OK OK it's off topic and ... a car... but it IS competition for our 100 mpg bikes...
    A hydraulic Hybrid..!! Made and designed in the USA by a private family company in CO...
    Reminds me of the 1970 OPEL GT (remember those?)

    The 2010 and 2011 versions of the LH3 and LH4 will showcase a 90 HP Diesel/BioDiesel engine currently rated at 90 MPG in Europe, mated in parallel to a 150 HP Hydraulic motor/pump and accumulator system. The parallel system will provide 0-60 MPH in less than 6 seconds, and full highway cruising speeds, with an estimated top speed of 110 MPH.

    By 2012, Lightning Hybrids will offer an exclusive new engine currently under development. The specific design details are still secret, pending US and international patent filings. Several patent filings are underway, the most significant attributable to Sam Johnson's design of an integrated hydraulic axial piston engine. Specific features of the power drive-train are as follows:

    * 100 HP and 100 Lbs
    * biodiesel or diesel
    * true cylinder deactivation for high part load efficiency
    * no transmission
    * no valves, flywheel or crankshaft weights
    * 150 MPG

    Hydraulic Storage Technology
    A small carbon fiber accumulator operating between 5000-7000 psi will provide for braking recovery energy storage, and will provide power for a full throttle launch to 60 MPH in under 6 seconds.
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    Will the be a pickup version? Racy two seaters are pretty impracticle for my needs but that seems to be the showcase for all the new car technology. The bright side is that there are options out there and that some people pay attention to them.
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    Heck yeah..!! well I doubt it, but it IS a 4-seater. The kids would have a great time raising and lowering it while trying to get out before it shut...
    I think *extreme lightness* and *aerodynamics* are the way they get 90+ MPG so I doubt it will carry much load.
    But if you HIT it with your PU, you will WIN..!

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