1000 miles, had fun, SEIZED

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    Hello all,
    I love gas bikes.
    I was just about to embark on replacing the chain sprocket bearing (lots of play) this up coming week.
    I noticed that the motor made more of a rattle, and more metalic noise, it seized up finally.
    THE QUETION IS: did i abuse this motor?? most likely............... i did have it full throttle most of the time, went down long big hills full throttle, rpm'ed to the max, has anyone any experience in how to get the most life out of these motors. should i have limited myself to about 20mph.

    the motor was cheap, 115$, boygofast, with standard rear sprocket.

    thanks all


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    Sorry to hear about it.

    I"ve heard that full throttle on downhills is an engine killer. I can't explain why because I just don't know that much about their workings.

    But that might have been your mistake.
  3. c3po

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    whats done is done

    time for a new motor or a motorcycle!!

    Hello forum!!
    anyone out there with a suggestion for a better built motor than boygofast brand, these guys are super cheap 110$,

    are there better built motors that i dont know about,
    aslo, these motor sellers advertise needle nose bearing etc. Whats the deal?

  4. spad4me

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    In my opinion a older bushing engine is hard to beat.
    I have a Original kings bushing motor. Luck of the draw !
    A lot of people have tried to buy it.
    I am still running strong after many thousands of miles on a kings bushing engine.
    The needle bearing engines sound good until you find out that the bearings are made of beer can metal.
    Some people claim to have substituted QUALITY sthil bearings for the Chinese cheap o needle bearings.
    But there are no sources of these bearings published ?

    Chris hill or Manic Mechanic.
    If you can afford the upgrades.
    Both sell upgraded happytime kits.

    A ddm gp 460 is a good start to a better motor. But it is only a motor, not a kit.

    To find out more about a gp 460, just search for detonator tuning solutions.

    Going wot down hill on a happytime will kill it.
    With a gp 460 engine the following applies.
    Most people myself included don't like going 60 plus mph down a hill that usually has an intersection with a stop sign at the bottom of the hill.
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    Sorry bout your luck c3po and now after reading spad4me's reply, I am wondering about the reputation of the reliability of the Grubee 2 stroke motors? They advertise " high quality needle bearings" Anybody know about the Grubees reputation?
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  6. Turtle Tedd

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    witch one is the better quality motor...the Grubee 48 cc Gen 2 Starfire or the newer one that replaced it ..The Grubee 48cc Skyhawk???
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  7. arceeguy

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    You mean "substituted QUALITY Chinese Stihl bearings."
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    chevy 350

    I decided to go with a more reliable motor than the grewbee or the boygofast or even the other motors out there, I am going to surgically transplant a chevy 350 motor onto my bike, I must say the motor mounts will be tricky and the tire pressure will have to be taken up a notch.

    just kidding.........:)

    the truth is, the next motor I put in, I will not beat up by overreving f.o.t. all the time, the way I was driving would kill any motor. So I will take it down a notch, and maybe also buy an enduro motorcycle. But nothing beats a gas bike!!! People go nuts when they see it.

    If I do come across a bullet proof motor, I will spread the word

    thanks all

  10. Turtle Tedd

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    c3po...350 short block ...most excellent....I wish i said that
  11. ibdennyak

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    Shades of EJ Potter, the Ohio Madman. :grin5: Actually the 4.3 (350 with two cylinders missing) would be a good choice. Same reliability and less weight. :jester:
  12. Fabian

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  13. AussieSteve

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    c3po, check out:- http://www.rocksolidengines.com.au/
    Tony sells a modified version of the HT engine that will work better and last longer. He also has a good range of performance products - billet aluminium high compression head, ceramic pistons, etc.

    From his website:-
    Over-revving will kill his engines too, though, and WOT downhill is probably about the best way to do that.
    ... Steve
  14. gothicguy64

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    i presently have a rocksolid 49 cc hp1 with billett head an inlet ,poo poo street pipe an 44 rear sprocket
    try lookin at rocksolid.com.au
    with stock mod exhaust i get 64kmh
    poo poo goes 55kmh
    i live in syd
    ohh i had a chainless bike but split rear rim
    150 plus to repair .....
    ohh a 40 is ideal for a 49
    an 36 for a 66
  15. 210061741

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    Well to tell you all my experience.
    A grubee GT-2B 48CC / Expansion Chamber / Porting / ECT.

    Run this puppy hard as can be.
    Prolly between 6000 and 8000 rpm all day.

    Got about 2000 miles on it and my needle bearings are fine.

    Took it all apart a wile ago. about 1500 miles.

    Blew a crankshaft seal out 1 time and my 6202 bearings at the countershaft are due to be replaced.

    The bearings are my fault cause i put the chain on way way to tight and damaged them.
  16. gregalman

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    I ran a robin 33cc on a rack mount and used the throttle as an on off switch. That motor seemed to encourage wot all the time. Now I am running a 2 stroke china in frame and would not even consider the same type of abuse. At about 24 mph with the 44 tooth it starts to vibrate and so I never hold more than 23 mph for any length of time. If you want a motor you can abuse you may want to stop looking at the low end of the price scale. If you want to get long life out of the china motor just listen to it and it will tell you when it's being stressed.
  17. gothicguy64

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    hi mate ,
    so far my rocksolid bike an motor have done 2270km an top of 64kmh ....
    try rocksolid engines
    they are in adelaide
    i changed exhaust to poo poo street pipe an lost 10kmh
    but it goes much quicker
    ohh motor is the 50cc hp1 but with ceramic piston an billett head an inlet an motor is worked an ported with racin bearings
    i run valvoline racin oil at 30 too 1 mix
    only thing is i broke is plastic throttle handle ..cheap as
    an rear rim is now split as i hit a pothole i didnt see on hume hiway
    cant get a new wheel only replace rim or buy a std bike an exchange motor ... brad :helmet:
  18. happycheapskate

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    re: original post/killed motor

    I would say w.o.t. on the flats will not kill your motor if it is tuned right and not too lean.
    It will eventually wear like anything though.

    I bet your engine siezed from running lean and or excessive hit and piston slap caused by forced overreving of the engine. Probably a bearing lost its ability and put the vulcan death grip on your motor, or a piston ring deformed.

    If the producer sells replacement parts, take apart the motor and see what the cause was. You may be able to repair it by replacing the bearing or ring and honing the cylinder. Luckily weeder motors just have a port and a reed valve, not cams or valve seats or springs.

    If you can still turn the motor by hand or pushing the bike, try to repair or at least analyze it. Good luck.