100cc engine cylinder body replacement


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Jun 2, 2021
Okay, so the whole story is long, but I ordered a 60/80cc engine several weeks ago, it seized up due to some unknown problem, and so customer service sent me a replacement lower assembly. However they sent me an 80/100cc lower which my previous piston/cylinder assembly will not mount to properly (the smaller one is a 40mm, the larger one is a 50mm. I could get back on the phone with customer service for a week, and wait for them to send me the correct lower, or I could purchase a replacement cylinder assembly for the 100cc engine and have a better motor. I am struggling to find the proper cylinder though, and the ones I am finding are all one-piece cylinder body/head, and I would like a two-piece so I can use my performance head. Does what I'm describing exist?

Here is the link to the 60/80cc engine that I originally ordered, and now have several performance parts for:

And here is the link for the 80/100cc engine that they sent me a lower for:

Note: After ordering my engine, I discovered the wonderful world of aftermarket parts that are way cheaper and look exactly the same, plus have easy/free returns, so I have never ordered from BikeBerry since. Their customer service is awful.