.105 12 gage spokes

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    Does anyone know where I could find 105 or 12 gage spokes? I need to find a set ASAP to finish this bike. The originals were trashed but the rims were good. I've already painted the rims and need spokes to finish lacing them up. NO bikeshop in town can find them. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    for the standard upgrade wheel for ht's go to huskybike.com. these are the next cheapest upgrade in 12 gauge, 26" coaster. shimano guts , taiwan.lots of vendors sell these , but ya get what ya pay for, save your bucks & go a step beyond if your really serious. do a search here , its all been done before & all the answers are here!
  5. When I built my 5-1/2 hp Monarch, I intended to use #41 chain and I wanted motorbike spokes. I found I could buy a rear wheel for a Worksman industrial bike and it had 10 ga. spokes and a large brake sprocket for good stopping leverage, and a really heavy rim with bulged spoke holes like a motorcycle wheel With my ally hub and #41 sprocket it weighed 9-1/2 lb. ! It cost me $66 Keith (trackfodder) Williams
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    Would you have a part # on that wheel
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    Used these guys for my sissy bar & they do get their product out to you: http://www.southerncalibikes.com/

    Thinking about ordering a frame from them.